Some Basic Pointers in Finding the Most Affordable EMR and Medical Billing Solution

Every once a year, you have a deadline with the Federal Government. For those people, like a doctor just starting with his or her practice, or a therapist who is still doing the handwriting of notes and receipts, or a primary care physician who is planning to streamline the office, and others who are simply trying to maximize reimbursements, then it is time to make your report by using a web based EMR and medical billing solution. Know that there is an affordable EMR and medical billing solution that could suit your small or medium size practice by looking at some considerations.

First to look is the quality of patient care. MD Audit Shield should always be your first and foremost concern when you practice your skill or profession. Even if you are a small practice, you would want an improvement of this experience or service by using an affordable web based EMR solution. With this, you will have an efficient patient check-in and check-out, you can create and update electronic patient charts, you can review and order prescriptions and refills, and much more. These you can do with just a click of a few buttons, or by dictation through an efficient voice to text conversion.

Next is integration which refers to the financial aspects and clinical aspects of your practice. Both of these aspects have to work hand in hand together with the other functions like prescriptions, lab orders, insurance eligibility, co-pay collection, claims submission, remittance posting, and so on, so that your business will run smoothly. Through a web based EMR and medical billing solution, all aspects of clinical and financial will function around a single platform and shared database, so that when changes occur in any of the module, these will be available in the rest of the functions without re-entering the information or data. In other words, you should have a truly integrated EMR and medical billing solution so that there will be no duplication and your overall productivity will improve.

Another important consideration is the customer service, like is there training at reasonable cost and is this specified beforehand, is there a clinical staff who can deal will technicalities, and so on. It is a good option to go to a vendor who has an affordable medical code EMR with an integrated practice management included in the service, especially if you are a small or medium practitioner with limited funds. It is undeniable that we would look for the best cost of services that covers the system, implementation, training, upgrades, maintenance fee every year, and so on.